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NWF Certified Wildlife Landscaping program

December 16, 2013

Middleburg, VA– 12/16/2013 – Magee Design from Middleburg, VA, was awarded the NWF Certified Wildlife Landscaping Professional award for supporting ecologically sound and wildlife-friendly methods of landscaping.  National Wildlife Federation and landscape professionals around the country are combining forces to address a nationwide concern for wildlife habitat loss.

The National Wildlife Federation's (NWF’s) brand new Certified Wildlife Landscaping Professional program certifies landscaping professionals as a complement to its long-standing Certified Wildlife Habitat program and its companion programs, Schoolyard Habitats and Community Wildlife Habitat. These wildlife-friendly landscapes help keep water and air resources clean, are healthier for people and the environment, and are less resource-dependent than conventional landscapes. Wildlife-friendly landscapes can serve to enrich our urban areas and give residents pride in their neighborhoods

“NWF commends the willingness of Magee Design and desire to promote sound wildlife conservation efforts through their business practices,” said Jaime Matyas, executive Vice President and COO of National Wildlife Federation.  “Becoming a resource in their communities for homeowners, schools, businesses and others who are seeking assistance to become more environmentally sound in their own landscaping design and management will serve our future generations,” added Matyas.

“There’s no more rewarding way of helping wildlife than by restoring habitat in our cities and towns,” said David Mizejewski, naturalist with National Wildlife Federation. “Whether it’s in our own backyards, a local schoolyard or park, or even a corporate landscape, any place that can support a garden can attract colorful birds, beautiful butterflies and other wildlife. There’s no better way of connecting with nature than stepping out the door into a wildlife-friendly garden,” added Mizejewski.

Magee Design was proud to be one of the first landscape design/ build firms to be a part of the Certified Wildlife Landscaping program a few years ago during the experimental phase of things and we are especially happy and proud to be a part of this program now that it is going full force.  Give us a call if you're looking to add a little habitat to your home, school, business, place of worship or community in general.


"The main focus of my design work is to create an ecologically sound and beautiful landscape which complements not only the property but the surrounding areas as well, helping to promote the use of native plants and non-invasive plant species."

- John C. Magee, Magee Design






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