One of Washington DC's most experienced landscape design firms in the use of native plants in the landscape, Magee Design has been a leader in designing private and commercial residences in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC metro area specializing in sustainable landscaping and eco-friendly design

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We pride ourselves on not only creating unique designs to fulfill our clients dreams, but also in being one of the most ecologically sound design firms on the planet.


Magee Design works with only the best stonemason and hardscaping crews.  Let us create your dream outdoor room so you can come home, relax and enjoy your entire home.


Together we'll listen to your wants and needs and compliment your home with welcoming plantings designed to thrive in the conditions in which you live 

Bringing a bit of color to an already beautiful place


When we were first called out to this estate, the main thing the owner wanted was to solve some erosion and run-off problems from their pastures.  Not only did we capture storm water runoff in a series of rain gardens, we made the entire residence shine throughout the year.



A small garden brings in the butterflies and increases neighborhood biodiversity


It's always amazing to us how much beauty can be brought to a small space when you think outside the box.  This little space went from mundane to spectacular in a matter of moments with the help of our design team.