Native Plant Podcst

Magee Design has long been one of the leaders in designing native plant landscapes, sustainable design and eco-friendly gardening.  As an extension of our beliefs, our founder, John C Magee has teamed up with his old friend Mike Berkley of Growild Native Plant Nursery in Fairview Tennessee and Jesse Turner of Lift Environmental Design to create the Native Plant Podcast.  A podcast designed to bring more interest in using native plants in our landscapes and to help bring attention to the dangers of using exotic invasives in the landscape.  Exotic invasives are plants that can escape cultivation and decimate our wild areas, not compliment the natural beauty of our native fields and forests.  So if you have a daily exercise routine, or enjoy walking your dog, biking, kayaking or any other activity that gives you a few moments to sit back, relax and enjoy a few guys (and their guests) talking about native plants and drinking a beer or two, then listen to the native plant podcast here:  We hope you enjoy the show!